Honda and Acura NSX Sport Exhaust System (2017 on) - QuickSilver Exhausts

Honda and Acura NSX Sport Exhaust System (2017 on)




QuickSilver worked tirelessly on the positioning, shape and diameter of the pipes to create a rich harmony. That's not just marketing speak, there really is a harmony sung by the different diameter pipes.

F1 cars are famous for their full bodied, discordant sound - and QuickSilver's NSX rises above the competition with an F1-style, augmented tone, present throughout the entire rev range. Just as a filmmaker would harness dissonant strings to excite the audience, our pipes combine to sing a minor second interval, resulting in a sinister howl.

The resonant pipes are tuned to phase out at cruising speeds in Sport mode, but become active in Sport +, resulting in a 3db increase / decrease at cruising speeds.



- Integrated resonant pipes
- OE appearance
- 3 DB increase between sport / sport + at 2/3k RPM
- Full bodied race car sound, with refinement for the road when required
- CAD modelled mounts to accept OE heat shields
- 8KG weight reduction


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