Own Label - QuickSilver Exhausts

Own Label


Vehicle Manufacturers & Importers to create systems for their Accessory and ‘Special Wishes’ departments.  



We also work with partners to design and produce exclusive products, eg: Bugatti Vitesse, Aston Martin Zagato, Lexus RC-F, Infiniti FX50,etc.



Own Label

Tuners and Marque Specialists to create ‘Own Label’ products, eg: Porsche GT3, Jaguar Type R, Alfa 4C, Lotus V6, Range Rover (many), etc.

We will work with your company to create an Exclusive range  >  Please contact the QuickSilver Development Team.


We Specialise in;

• Track cars seeking more performance.

• Historic Racers required to reduce sound.

• Concours entrants demanding detail conformity.

• Limited run and special edition vehicles.

• Motorsport, we are proud to partner with teams all over the world.

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