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Range Rover Exhausts - The Evolution of Britain’s Iconic Car | Quicksilver

November 16, 2018

A performance enhancing Range Rover exhaust system developed by Quicksilver is the perfect addition to an iconic symbol of British engineering. Read our overview of the evolution of Range Rover below, and see which popular models we have designed superior performance exhaust systems for.


The Evolution of Range Rover


The Range Rover is a truly great British motoring icon, worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as classics such as the Mini and the Jaguar E type. Range Rover models have evolved over the years to offer the unrivalled combination of luxurious on-road comfort with exceptional off road capability. It has been the quintessential car of the landed British gentry, but with sport and convertible options available now too, it can offer a little something for everyone. Everyone who can afford one that is.

The first Range Rover prototype was built in 1967 and its design was tweaked until it resembled the archetypal SUV shape we are familiar with today. In its early years, it was not only the aesthetics that were experimented with, as 26 different engine variations were tested until they found the perfect fit. The lengthy trial and error process paid off though, as they produced one engine continuously for the following 26 years. The fact Range Rovers are only now in their fourth generation, is testament to the quality and longevity of each model released.


First Generation (1970 - 1996)


The first generation, also known as the Range Rover Classic, was launched on the market in 1970. Its primary purpose was not as a luxury vehicle, but for off road utility. It was only available in a two door version until 1980, after which some more elegant features were introduced, such as air con, carpeted floors, wooden interior and power steering.

white range rover first generation 1970 quicksilver exhausts

Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/40482212@N07/32995100073


Second Generation (1994 - 2002)


The first generation Range Rover was such a huge success that the follow up was not introduced until a quarter of a century later. This gave the mechanics at Range Rover the necessary time and resources needed to come up with a worthy successor. The second generation model was available with the option of a 2.5 litre BMW six cylinder diesel engine - until then diesel engines had been uncharted territory for the brand. On top of this, it was the first Range Rover to come with satellite navigation.

second generation range rover white 1995

Photo credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:1995-1998_Land_Rover_Range_Rover_(P38A)_4.0_SE_wagon_05.jpg


Third Generation (2002 -2012)


It was with their third generation addition that the Range Rover brand became synonymous with motoring luxury. This generation of models was developed under BMW ownership, so included many German parts, but as the decade progressed Jaguar’s influence was seen with the introduction of some impressive new features. These included updated electronics, such as bluetooth, and a facelift which transformed the Range Rover into the elegant looking car we are more used to seeing on our roads in 2018 …

range rover third generation black 2011 quicksilver exhausts

Photo credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:2011_Range_Rover_--_12-31-2010.jpg


Fourth Generation (2012 - Present day)


Progressing on the concept of luxury, Range Rover revealed their fourth generation model at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. It featured a revolutionary all aluminium monocoque body, the first of its kind, which enabled a reduction in weight of nearly half a metric ton compared to the previous model. As a result handling and speed were significantly improved. This ushers the brand into a new era of focusing not only on luxury, but on performance too.

blue range rover fourth generation 2018

Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/landrovermena/24510065188


Range Rover Exhausts - Quicksilver 

For the true car fanatic, no luxury car is complete without a high quality performance exhaust system. Quicksilver specialise in producing premium quality Range Rover Exhausts. We have developed exhaust systems for the Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Velar, Range Rover Sport and more. For the perfectly resonating growl and to further optimise the performance of your car, browse our extensive collection of modern sports performance exhausts today. If you have any questions about finding the perfect exhaust, we will be happy to help! Just give us a call on 01428 687722.



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