Famous Sounds - QuickSilver Exhausts

Famous Sounds

QuickSilver have have supplied many celebrated car owners - writers, actors, racers and musicians. People who enjoy driving and want to make it as much fun as possible.   


Kate Beckinsale

Mario Balloteli

Missy Elliott

Rowan Atkinson

Nick Mason

Simon Kidston

Dave Gilmour

Jerry Bruckheimer

Mark Knopfler

Sir Stirling Moss

Toby Smith

Adam Ant

HM The Queen Mother


Musicians have proved to be the most particular and we have gained some great feedback over the years. 

Ichiro, a Japanese musician, analysed the QuickSilver system on his old Ferrari 330GT and reported, ‘Minor third interval of F also with an original pitch and G# was reproduced’.  He liked it.  

We have noticed however that many modern musicians and DJs seem to opt for the louder versions of our exhaust systems. Dutch Artist, DJ Jean, admitted that his hearing had suffered but was delighted with the SuperSports Plus system for his Aston Martin V8.  Recently, a Rapper in the US reported to his dealer that the QuickSilver system on his Porsche 911 (also fitted with catalyst delete pipes) sounded like, ‘a sewing machine’. The dealer told us, ‘he’s deaf'.