QuickSilver welcome Lohen as UK MINI exhaust distributor

QuickSilver welcome Lohen as UK MINI exhaust distributor

March 08, 2018

QuickSilver have partnered with Lohen to manage and expand our acclaimed MINI exhaust Range.

2018 witnesses one of the busiest development programmes in QuickSilver’s history, and we required a dynamic MINI specialist to represent our range, offer impeccable customer service, marque-specific knowledge, installation, and improved UK stock availability.

QuickSilver and Lohen have worked together since 2005, and 2018 sees our working relationship taken to the next level. Whether you’re a QuickSilver reseller or private buyer, ordering your QuickSilver MINI exhaust will be easier than ever.

For trade

- Better availability! Whilst we forecasted well for UK sales, our UK-market stock was often drawn on by dealers from the USA, Middle East and Asian markets. Lohen now hold UK-specific inventory, for UK customers.

- Trade pricing will remain unchanged – Lohen will be honouring existing QuickSilver MINI reseller relationships and discounts.

- New developments in the pipeline! We will be working closely with Lohen to bring even more new MINI exhaust products to the market.

- UK business with a MINI customer abroad? No problem, Lohen can drop ship directly to your customer, and ship worldwide.

For private buyers

- You can purchase your new QuickSilver system by visiting Lohen directly at: https://www.lohen.co.uk/ or via the QuickSilver online store at: https://quicksilverexhausts.store/ - the QuickSilver store will direct you to a Lohen landing page for purchase

- Easy installation, Lohen offer in-house fitting with a range of performance parts to compliment your QuickSilver system. They can also drop-ship QuickSilver to your preferred installer.

Contact Details

Call: 01785 859999
Email: office@lohen.co.uk
Website: https://www.lohen.co.uk/