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QuickSilver 991 GT3 Exhaust Blasts the Country Roads

QuickSilver 991 GT3 Exhaust Blasts the Country Roads

September 25, 2018

QuickSilver's 991 GT3 Exhaust combines a symphonic soundtrack, huge weight saving and motorsport pedigree to create the perfect partner for your Porsche.

Why side box replacements?

The two side-box primary silencers weigh 20 kgs (44 lbs). They fill the rear quarter panels (behind the wheels) and include the valve mechanisms for the 'Exhaust Button'. The QuickSilver GT3 Exhaust weighs just 4KG, saving 16KG (35lbs).

With no silencing upstream, the gasses have an unrestricted path of flow, and can enter the unsilenced pass in the rear silencer to create a ballistic, straight-pipe sound with the valve open and total refinement at the touch of your OEM exhaust button.

In fact, for the Carrera Cup motorsport cars Porsche Motorsport offer a similar kit to replace these silencers but... the Motorsport parts eliminate the functionality of the Exhaust Button, which is not required for Race Cars. See part #s 16 & 17 on the attached Porsche Motorsport parts diagram. Hence why the QuickSilver Exhaust is the ultimate solution for your roadgoing GT3.

How does the QuickSilver system integrate with the OE rear muffler?

The standard rear silencer is extraordinary. It is one of those components of the rear-engined Porsche that has truly evolved and constantly improved since the 1940s. It is surprisingly lightweight and the internal design that encompasses two different paths (for the exhaust button) would also be extremely difficult to improve.

Porsche supply two version to the same design - only the material differs:

1) Thin-gauge Stainless for the GT3 & 911R and

2) Titanium for the RS (though the weight difference is minimal at 3 kilos).

The standard rear silencer includes an internal balance pipe that mixes the left & right cylinder banks to promote the best possible sound at higher rpm.
In Motorsport, most of the various Carrera Cup series retain this rear silencer for it's efficiency, light weight and rear crash protection.
Again, we recommend that the original silencer remains installed, especially if the owner wishes to retain full functionality of his 'Exhaust Button'.

The QuickSilver parts suit all version of the Porsche 991 GT3 and, essentially, we include pneumatic valves to retain full function of the exhaust button.

There is now a much greater difference in sound when this button is pressed and 16 kilos is removed from the rear of the car. These are completely 'plug & play' and entirely reversible.

In developing our system, QuickSilver have consulted with Porsche GB's Motorsport arm to understand Porsche's options. We have also examined other aftermarket choices and performed thorough testing on our own 991 GT3.

We recommend our solution as the best and simplest option for the driver who seeks to reduce weight, to make a great car sound even better and still retain full functionality of factory exhaust button.

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