Aston Martin V8 Vantage Race Catalysts 200 cpsi (2005-11) - QuickSilver Exhausts

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Race Catalysts 200 cpsi (2005-11)

Aston Martin



The original catalytic converters have cores with about about 600 cells per square inch (cpsi) giving only a flow area of approximately 55%.  

The Quicksilver ‘Race' Catalysts have a microscopically thin Fecralloy metallic core of 200 cpsi to which the essential Platinum and Rhodium are applied at a much greater density (25 grams per cubic foot compared to 10 grams on a typical aftermarket product).  This all results in a flow area of approximately 85% whilst remaining clean enough to meet emissions requirements. 


These Catalysts deliver a very different sound which is closer to the GT4. They offer a crisper, sharper crackle that cuts and re-forms up and down through the gears. 

Certainly more volume but this can be controlled by the choice of either the standard silencer (with or without Fuse 22) or one of the three QuickSilver rear sections which each offer different sound choices.



- Dyno tests show a 16bhp improvement, increased mid-range torque and noticeably improved throttle response.

- Accelerated gas-flow draws heat away more efficiently to reduce under-bonnet temperatures – particularly important for a tuned engine.

- These 'Race' catalysts produce a crisper exhaust note which, coupled with the improved response, deliver some of the 'GT4' experience.

- Substantial weight reduction of 6 kilos over the OE parts.

- The original lambda sensors are retained in their correct positions for the proper operation of the OBD2 (on-board diagnostics) system.

- In certain applications an ECU re-tune may be required to avoid a CEL.


    10 kilos ~ 20 lbs 3.8 kilos ~ 8 lbs 6.2 kilos ~ 14 lbs

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