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Aston Martin V8 Vantage Manifolds and Race Catalysts (2005-18)

Aston Martin



The Aston Martin V8 Vantage was originally introduced with 380 bhp (a substantial number) and 170 mph (a significant speed) but some owners reported that the cars didn't feel fast enough.

However, these cars are fast machines and the Aston Martin V8 always had the sex-appeal to beat the Porsche 911! - It was the sensation that was lacking and since 2006 QuickSilver have offered a range of alternative silencers that provide a proper V8 soundtrack to satisfy most enthusiast drivers.

As a partner of Aston Martin Racing in the GT4 Challenge Great Britain, QuickSilver have been able to draw on their experience to design and develop a set of Manifolds and Race-Catalysts for road-going AM V8s that offer a serious improvement on the original components.

The OEM exhaust manifolds fitted to both the 4.3 and 4.7 V8 Vantage are horribly restrictive at medium and higher rpm, due to being made-to-a-price and the inevitable resistance imposed further upstream by the OEM catalysts.

The handmade QuickSilver exhaust package recovers the performance lost by by the compromised OEM parts, delivering an improvement of approx. 40BHP (see the performance data below), and an engine which pulls with more strength all the way to the redline.

QuickSilver have achieved this performance gain by paying meticulous attention to design and manufacturing detail.



The complete QuickSilver package has been arduously tested around the world famous Millbrook proving ground under a thermal cycle that would accelerate the onset of any potential durability issues.

The durability has been further proven under road mileage accumulation tests, in a variety of conditions, to ensure that durability matches the original parts.And, toughest of all, successfully tested on the race track during the Britcar 24 Hours at Silverstone in October 2011 on the Vantage Racing GT4.Not only does this package enable flywheel performance, it also reduces weight by 18kilos.These are manufactured by Quicksilver in the UK and available through QuickSilver Dealers.


These Manifolds & Catalysts deliver a very different sound, the same as the GT4. A crisper, sharper crackle that cuts and re-forms up and down through the gears. Certainly more volume but this can be controlled by the choice of either the standard silencer (with or without Fuse 22) or one of the three QuickSilver sound choices. The car shown in our video below has the 'medium' QuickSilver SuperSports silencer.



 - The significant improvements over the OEM 4>2>1 parts are:

- Longer, equal-length primary pipes of 4>1 construction = increases and concentrates power delivery.

- Bespoke sequential collector cone = enables uncompromised exhaust gas scavenging. 

- 2mm 316 grade stainless steel primary pipework = durability.

- Laser-cut flanges = consistency 

- 200 cpsi metallic Race-catalysts = reduction in resistance. 

- All joints and bends fully purge-welded (inert gas is used to protect the weld seam) = prevents cracking, corrosion and deformation.

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