Toyota Yaris GR Sport Exhaust System with Sound Architect - QuickSilver Exhausts


Toyota Yaris GR Sport Exhaust System with Sound Architect





We offer a Sport Exhaust system with Sound Architect active valve technology for your Yaris GR.

The system is manufactured using high grade 304 gauge Stainless Steel and uses a 70mm bore size. We also mandrel bend the tubing so optimum gas flow is achieved all of the time. Our system is installed from the OPF filter back, meaning our system meets all emission regulations and no coding will be required.

The valve is controlled by our Sound Architect module which can be is easily be installed and stored in the boot area and is powered by the 12v socket. The module is then controlled via any paired smart device using our Sound Architect APP.

The system offers two distinct driving experiences. With the valve closed gases can only pass through the resinated section on the offside rear of the car which enables the driver to have a quieter more refined everyday soundtrack. With the valve then opened the gases are primarily encouraged to follow the non resinated straight through path which enables a much more throaty and deeper note through the rev range with burbles and pops on occasion.



• Sport sound at a touch of a button, suited to every environment.

• Downloadable APP to tailor your own sound.

• Works in relation to throttle position.

• Unique QuickSilver Carbon Fibre Tail Pipes

• Mandrel bent for optimum flow