Toyota GR Yaris - Sport Exhaust with Sound Architect™ (2020 on) - QuickSilver Exhausts

Toyota GR Yaris - Sport Exhaust with Sound Architect™ (2020 on)




Quiet or Loud - at the touch of a button.

In Loud, the QuickSilver Sports exhaust delivers a Group B experience. And we should know, having owned Group B cars in their heyday - in particular our Renault 5 Turbo 'Tour de Corse' and Peugeot 205 T16 'EVO'.

In Quiet, our system has a sound similar to OE, so in-town drivers need not upset their neighbours.

Installation could not be easier - the 'Sound Architect' module simply plugs into the cigarette-lighter socket and operates wirelessly using the QuickSilver 'Sound Architect' APP. There is no intrusion into the car's original systems and it is just as easily removed (on resale?). There are no warranty or emissions consequences.

The QuickSilver system is manufactured using T304 austenitic Stainless Steel and 70mm tube. Full-bore mandrel-bending ensures optimum gas flow.



Electronic Valves inc. Sound Architect™ Module - uses QS APP (Android and iOS)

Our Sound Architect App hands control of the valves back to the driver for the ultimate experience. When you select ‘Open’ they’ll stay open and when you select ‘Closed’ they’ll stay closed – this choice will be remembered even after the car’s been turned off and on.

The electronic module included only requires a 12v feed, usually a cigarette-lighter socket. It’s Bluetooth controlled on the driver’s smart device, and pairing takes just a minute.

The electronics are designed in-house and manufactured for us here in the UK, using local British factories.



• Significant weight reduction - OE system is 12.9 kgs QuickSilver is 8.9 kgs.

• Easy Installation - Literally 'Plug & Play'.

• Carbon-Fibre Tips - Black carbon tips to match the roof and other black elements.

• The Sound - A massive improvement see below.



Appropriate sound - In Sept 2018 the new WLTP (World harmonised Light vehicles Test Procedure) was imposed as a result of the VW emissions cheating scandal.

The WLTP rules compel all car manufacturers to ensure that their vehicles comply rigidly with worldwide harmonised noise regulations. The practical result is that cars manufactured after this date are significantly quieter. And... the simultaneous imposition of particulate filters makes them quieter still.

For many citizens this is desirable, but for enthusiast drivers the sound is an important element of the experience and almost no one wants a silent Sports Car (even electric vehicles are being saddled with artificial soundtracks).

The QuickSilver 'Sound Architect exhaust for the Yaris GR should please all enthusiasts with it's bass-heavy presence and rising note under acceleration - With nice turbo wheezes, even Tommi Mäkinen would be satisfied.


System OEM QS Valves Shut QS Valves Open
Idle 80.2 80.0 84.1
2000 83.5 84.2 86.0
3000 84.0 85.0 86.3
4000 84.5 85.2 88.0