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Porsche 911 Turbo and Turbo S (992) - Titan Sport Exhaust with Sound Architect™ (2020 on)




What is the Sound Architect™?

Have you ever had the need, or want, to turn your Sport exhaust's sound down to a more discreet level? Or, to make it race-car loud - at the touch of a button?

With QuickSilver’s Sound Architect™ we provide you, the driver, with a personal choice – allowing you to select the appropriate soundtrack for your car and tailor that sound to suit the moment.

For your vehicle, we have analysed the sound to determine which elements should be suppressed and enhanced. The result is a superior exhaust note that amplifies the pleasure of driving.

QuickSilver's Sound Architect™ comprises two separate gas paths and an electronic valve to determine which is taken - Sport or Refined. This valve is controlled either by the QuickSilver Sound Architect™ APP, on the driver's smart device, or in many cases integrated into the car's existing controls.

Where appropriate, our sound module connects to an existing accessory socket and is then controlled wirelessly via the Sound Architect™ APP - there in no intrusion into any of the car's existing systems - It could not be simpler.

The QuickSilver Sound Architect™ systems are truly 'plug & play'. 

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Question: How to improve the original Porsche 911 Turbo exhaust?

Answer: Reduce the weight and enhance the sound.

Weight reduction:
Manufactured from Titanium and T304 austenitic Stainless Steel, the QuickSilver exhaust is less than half the weight, and this is removed from the very rear of the car.

Enhanced sound:
For enthusiast drivers the 911 Turbo is a bit too luxury and not enough Sport - QuickSilver can treat this condition by adding an appropriate soundtrack.

In Sept 2018 the new WLTP (World harmonised Light vehicles Test Procedure) was imposed as a result of the VW emissions cheating scandal.
The WLTP rules compel all car manufacturers to ensure that their vehicles comply rigidly with worldwide harmonised noise regulations. The practical result is that cars manufactured after this date are significantly quieter. And... the simultaneous imposition of particulate filters makes them quieter still.
For concerned citizens this is desirable, but for enthusiast drivers the sound is an important element of the experience and almost no one wants a silent Sports Car (even electric vehicles, like the Taycan, are being fitted with an artificial soundtrack).

The QuickSilver 'Sound Architect' exhaust for the Porsche Turbo should please all enthusiasts with it's bass-heavy presence and rising note under acceleration - With nice turbo wheezes it provides a sound that makes a great car even better.

Reasons to buy:

Easy Installation retaining Porsche's Variable Valve mechanism for full OE compatibility:
From the factory, Porsche's new 992 debuts a new linear valve mechanism to provide infinitely variable exhaust sound. This is far preferable to the previous valves 'open or closed' that provides such an unsatisfying experience, but it is just too quiet.
QuickSilver's Active Valves are created to perfectly replace Porsche's OE valves, retaining all original functionality via the button on the steering wheel.

Reduced Weight:

Factory Exhaust 10.2 kilos 23 lbs
QuickSilver Exhaust 5 kilos 11 lbs 

Enhanced Sound

Super Sport mode is actually quieter standing still and at lower cruising speeds than Sport Mode. 

When the vehicle is in Sport mode and at lower speeds the exhaust delivers a wonderful range of pops and gurgles on the down change and over run. This is mainly due to the cars ECU deliberately exaggerating the drivers actions and the valves changing position to suit.
In Super Sport mode however maximum performance supersedes this by switching to a much leaner ECU program that favours increased flow so the valves stay open more and throttle response is increased. 

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