Mercedes AMG G 500 / G 550 4x4² 4.0 Biturbo (W463) - Sport Exhaust wit - QuickSilver Exhausts

Mercedes AMG G 500 / G 550 4x4² 4.0 Biturbo (W463) - Sport Exhaust with Sound Architect™ (2017 on)

Mercedes inc. AMG



Pneumatic Valves - Key Fob kit

Our pneumatic valve kit includes the installation wiring, replacement tubing and 2 key fobs.

The fobs allow you to open and close the valves at will when the car’s ignition is on.



A remote valved system which can be easily switched on or off using the key fobs supplied.

In 'ON' position the vehicle remains relatively civilised allowing discretion when required. 

In 'OFF' position the system bypasses the silencer offering much more depth and crispness to enhance the driving experience whilst improving flow improving throttle response.

The System comes with our unique QS Carbon Sleeved Tips, suitable for all standard models. The tips can be removed if fitting an aftermarket bodykit.


• Wonderful deep muscle rich sound when unleashed.

• Active valves allow for a civilised driving experience when required.

• Stainless Steel with mandrel bent tubing.

• Improved throttle response and flow.

• Carbon Sleeved, Slash Cut tips for a unique look.



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