Honda and Acura NSX Race Catalysts (2017 on) - QuickSilver Exhausts

Honda and Acura NSX Race Catalysts (2017 on)




Honda have created some of the best sounding, technically advanced motorsport engines on the planet. The NSX is no exception, but its ability to perform is hampered by the bureaucrat’s preferred choice of exhaust strangulation – secondary catalysts.

The NSX’s factory units comprise two major components; A 600 cell primary cat with an unnecessary, restrictive secondary catalyst. QuickSilver's race catalysts comprise an easy-breathing 200 CPSI primaries with secondary cat deletes. The secondary cats are located post-sensor and are replaced with no impact on emissions, and no CEL’s.

The result is a crisp, 6-cylinder symphony which darts up the rev range with impressive pace – a vast improvement from stock.



• CNC Machined flanges
• Correct tapered tubing
• CAD modelled mounts to accept OE heat shields.
• 8.8KG weight saving


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