Maserati Ghibli inc. S, Q4 Petrol - Sport Exhaust with Sound Architect - QuickSilver Exhausts

Maserati Ghibli inc. S, Q4 Petrol - Sport Exhaust with Sound Architect™ (2014 on)




Electronic/Pneumatic Valves - Retains OEM (in-car) functionality

Our active valve sport exhaust systems contain two separate gas paths, and an electronic or pneumatic flap-valve that decides which path is taken. Both have two distinct levels of sound and are slightly louder than stock. With the valves closed, the system takes on a more civilised note and when they’re open, you’re given a sporty note throughout the rev range.

These valves are integrated into the car’s existing controls and function depending on the ECU mapping. This can then be further manipulated either with the dedicated exhaust button or by switching the driving modes.


A lighter weight system that uses active valves to work with the engine. At low revs the sound is still deeper than OEM but remains civilised. At high revs the valves open and offer a higher pitched crisp note.

The sport system also has efficient flow and shows a noticeable improvement in throttle response throughout the rev range.



• A defined sport car sound.

• Valves

• Made from T304 Stainless Steel.

• Improved throttle response.

• Less weight benefits all areas of performance.



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