Lotus Elise all Toyota Engine 1.8 Sport Exhaust (2004-11) - QuickSilver Exhausts

Lotus Elise all Toyota Engine 1.8 Sport Exhaust (2004-11)





QuickSilver can supply a Sport system either in fully Stainless Steel (Double Slash Tip) or with Titanium silencer casing (Single Oval Perf Tip) for your Elise. 

Our Sport option is lighter than OEM and offers more efficient flow, showing a noticeable improvement in throttle response whilst enhancing that sports car sound.

The system is designed to work with the engine, so at lower revs the sound remains relatively civilised and at higher revs it provides more presence and volume.

Our Titanium option uses a Titanium silencer casing and thin-gauge Stainless Steel tube to achieve a combination of the lightest possible weight with strength and durability whilst retaining our trademark Sport sound. Our Perforated, Conical tips amplify and add more depth.



- Unique crisp sound rising in proportion with rpm.

Reduces weight of the car.

- 6 bhp Improvement, more torque.

- Choice of systems with different tip finishes




QS Stainless 

QS Titan

13.2 kilos ~29 lbs

6.4 kilos ~14.1 lbs

Saving 6.8 kilos ~ 14.9 lbs

5 kilos ~11 lbs

Saving 8.2 ~ 18 lbs




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