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Aston Martin DBS Sport OR SuperSport Exhaust (2007-12)

Aston Martin





Our Stainless Steel rear section can provide the driver with a level of sound appropriate to them and the Aston Martin name.

The system also retains the OEM tips so the vehicles original styling isn't compromised.



• Fantastic true Aston sound Sport or SuperSport.

• Cat back rear section with no emissions consequences.

• Improved throttle response and all round performance.

• Bolt-On fit - Precision engineered.

• Decat pipes are also available for this model to increase the experience.



With the valves removed you are able to attain a proper old fashioned elitist sound which unleashes the full potential for all to hear.

We offer two sound levels;

Sport - Designed for the everyday and long distance driver, refined yet sporty when required. 

SuperSport -  Suited for the driver who enjoys his car mainly just for fun offering a distinctive sound.





QuickSilver Stainless Steel

26.8 kgs ~ 60 lbs

14.6 kgs ~ 32 lbs

(Saving 12.2 kgs ~ 27 lbs)

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