Bentley Continental GT and GTC and Super Sports W12 - Sport Exhaust (2 - QuickSilver Exhausts

Bentley Continental GT and GTC and Super Sports W12 - Sport Exhaust (2004-17)




'SuperSport' Sound - The Louder Version


'Sport' Sound - A quieter sports system with great tone


Our Stainless Steel option is a lighter weight exhaust system than OEM which has a more efficient flow and shows a noticeable improvement in throttle response whilst enhancing the muscular rumble.

Our Titanium option has all the advantages of our usual Stainless Steel exhausts i.e. an improved sound and better internal flow, but we have examined ways to reduce weight to the minimum and in this case have used Thin gauge Titanium to minimise unnecessary weight and improve all-round performance.

With both systems we offer two sound levels; 

Sport - Designed for the everyday and long distance driver, refined yet sporty when required. 

SuperSport -  Suited for the driver who enjoys his car mainly just for fun offering a distinctive sound.



• Integrates with OEM tips to keep the look.

• Two distinct sound options.

• Bolt-On fit - Precision engineered.

• Titanium option Significantly lighter. 

• Benefits all areas of performance.



Standard Exhaust

20.4 kilos

(~ 45 lbs)

QuickSilver Stainless Steel System

Weight Saving

10.4 kilos

10 kilos

(~ 32 lbs)

(~23 lbs)

QuickSilver Titanium System

Weight Saving

5.8 kilos

14.6 kilos

(~13 lbs)

(~32 lbs)

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