McLaren 570GT Ceramic Coated Sport System (2016 on) - QuickSilver Exhausts

McLaren 570GT Ceramic Coated Sport System (2016 on)




We offer two systems for this vehicle both identical in design but differ in material. Our 304 Stainless Steel option is a lighter weight system that has more efficient flow and shows a noticeable improvement in throttle response whilst enhancing the sound.

If your after that extra second on your lap time then our Titanium Ultralight system is the ultimate solution as it reduces the weight to an absolute minimum without sacrificing performance or sound.  

The system is designed to work with the engine, so at lower revs the sound remains relatively civilised and at higher revs it provides more presence and volume.



Our Volcanic Black Ceramic Coat (for our Stainless option) or our Polar White Coating (for our Titanium Ultralight) offers temperature reductions of over 110 degrees C at the manifold, resulting in a reduction of over 27.5 degrees C in under bonnet temperature and power increases of up to 5.5%.  The coating originally developed for the defence and Nuclear industries offers proven performance gains and is extremely durable and stone chip resistant.

Now used extensively in top level Motor Sport our Ceramic Coat option offers greater performance / reduced surface and ambient temperatures  / highly effective corrosion barrier and a tough hard wearing shell coating whilst adding a truly unique look and finish to your system.



Our Titanium Ultralight systems are made from 100% thin gauge titanium, approximately  reducing the weight by 75% over a standard OEM alternative and 50% over our Stainless Steel options. Design and flow are identical to our Stainless Steel options. The sound is very similar to Stainless Steel though has a slightly purer resonance. Our Ultralight systems offer a truly elitist alternative for overall performance, sound and look.



- Wonderful unrestricted super car sound.

- Stainless Steel with Volcanic Black Ceramic Coating or Titanium Ultralight.

- Improved throttle response.

- Retains original tips to keep the look.


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