Satans Whip - Bentley Continental Supersports - QuickSilver Exhausts

Satans Whip - Bentley Continental Supersports

Satan's Whip the ultimate Demo-n Car, with a sound to match. This beast spawned from the underworld drew some serious attention and acted as our own demonstration vehicle.

The Continental Supersports had our Titanium Supersport exhaust on it too so shaved off serious baggage.


We used a very rare black reflective vinyl for the devilish decals which on the black paint was almost invisible unless the light shone directly at it.

The bentley was covered in paradise lost quotes and as loosely based on the lemans winning bentley every sponsor was tweaked too (we even had Demons drivers names and used their actual satanic symbols instead of flags!)

The featured in numerous magazine adverts and was displayed at car shows including Wilton House and Good Wood.