Volkswagen Transporter T6 and T6.1 Diesel - Sport System with Sound Ge - QuickSilver Exhausts

Volkswagen Transporter T6 and T6.1 Diesel - Sport System with Sound Generator (2016 on)





Module with wiring inc. Sound Generator and exhaust

On cars that do not possess a ‘voice’ to work with, we offer a sound generator that sync’s realistic noises with the car’s natural sounds. This produces a muscle-rich note that adds to the realism. For example, a turbo diesel which is otherwise almost silent can be given a proper V8 rumble at the push of a button.

This type of electronic Sound Architect™ is straightforward to install by any auto electrician. It comprises of a small module that connects to the car’s CAN-BUS network and reads parameters like throttle position, engine rpm, gear changes and road speed to calculate and generate a sound that perfectly matches the drive.

Additional wiring feeds into the exhaust generator built into our sport system that replaces the factory exhaust. The sound then emits from the tail pipes for an authentic note.

This application can also be easily switched on or off to suit your environment, either by double tapping the Auto Start-Stop button or the drive select knob.



• Sport sound at a touch of a button, suited to every environment.

• ON/OFF from the dash instantly silent when required.

• Works in relation to throttle position and gear position.

• Interchangeable tail pipes to suit your style