Range Rover Sport 3.0 P360 & P400 (2022 on) - Sport Exhaust System Wit - QuickSilver Exhausts

Range Rover Sport 3.0 P360 & P400 (2022 on) - Sport Exhaust System With Sound Architect™ Valves




QuickSilver now offers an exhaust upgrade which delivers visually and audibly. Our Sound Architect™ system uses a singular valve which is operated using your smart device. When open, the gases choose the path of least resistance and the system effectively becomes a straight-through exhaust, with some bleed into the silencer for additional depth of sound throughout the rev range. This pulls through the best the engine has to offer with wonderful pops and crackles on the overrun and far more presence overall. 

With the valves shut though, the car returns to a much more muted note, like the factory exhaust sound, as gases are forced only through the silencer. Ideal for a more civilised driving experience, or when being unnoticed is the order of the day.

The system is beautifully made with type 304 stainless steel, which is mandrel bent so flow is never hindered. We then finish this off with four 120mm / ~4.5” wide carbon fibre sleeved tips, which give these Range Rovers a much more aggressive demeanour.


Electronic Valves inc. Sound Architect™ Module - uses QS APP (Android and iOS)

Our Sound Architect App hands control of the valves back to the driver for the ultimate experience. When you select ‘Open’ they’ll stay open and when you select ‘Closed’ they’ll stay closed – this choice will be remembered even after the car’s been turned off and on.

The electronic module included only requires a 12v feed, usually a cigarette-lighter socket. It’s Bluetooth controlled on the driver’s smart device, and pairing takes just a minute.

The electronics are designed in-house and manufactured for us here in the UK, using local British factories.



• Sport sound at a touch of a button, suited to every environment.

• Downloadable APP to tailor your own sound.

• Works in relation to throttle position.

• 120mm QuickSilver carbon fibre tail finishers.

• Stainless Steel Type 304, aircraft grade.

• Mandrel bent for optimum flow.



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