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Audi R8 V8 and V10 Titan Sport Exhaust Sound Architect™ (2007-12)

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 V8 Sound

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What is the Sound Architect™?

Have you ever had the need, or want, to turn your Sport exhaust's sound down to a more discreet level? Or, to make it race-car loud - at the touch of a button?

With QuickSilver’s Sound Architect™ we provide you, the driver, with a personal choice – allowing you to select the appropriate soundtrack for your car and tailor that sound to suit the moment.

For your vehicle, we have analysed the sound to determine which elements should be suppressed and enhanced. The result is a superior exhaust note that amplifies the pleasure of driving.

QuickSilver's Sound Architect™ comprises two separate gas paths and an electronic valve to determine which is taken - Sport or Refined. This valve is controlled either by the QuickSilver Sound Architect™ APP, on the driver's smart device, or in many cases integrated into the car's existing controls.

Where appropriate, our sound module connects to an existing accessory socket and is then controlled wirelessly via the Sound Architect™ APP - there in no intrusion into any of the car's existing systems - It could not be simpler.

The QuickSilver Sound Architect™ systems are truly 'plug & play'. 

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QuickSilver Titans are a Titanium / Stainless hybrid. Why a hybrid system? – Because it gives you the best of everything!

• Titanium Silencer: Serious weight saving and stunning resonance.

• T304 Stainless tubing for strength and durability.

• CNC flanges.

• Plug-and-play active valves (wireless control modules are also available for earlier models without exhaust button).

- Designed and manufactured in house, exclusively in Great Britain. Tested Worldwide.



One of our criticisms of the R8’s stock exhaust is that it sounds too ‘dry’. There is minimal resonant sustain within the OE system and we worked tirelessly to create a ‘wetter’, full bodied soundtrack with unrivalled tone throughout the rev range.

We re-wrote the R8 rulebook to achieve this by designing an X-pipe pressure exchanger with a trick up its sleeve – our asymmetric balance pipe. The balance pipe produces the automotive equivalent of a flanger effect for your R8. The signals from each bank are mixed by the X-pipe and played in unison by the tail pipes. The balance pipe then allows a minute (circa > 10 millisecond) displacement of a portion of the audio signal. This creates a variable time-delayed copy of the X-Pipe exhaust note; resulting in a thick, ‘doubled up’ soundtrack with greatly accentuated peaks and troughs.

The X-Pipe + Balance pipe combination creates a rich symphonic soundtrack with punchy lows, thick mid-range resonance, and crisp highs with pops, bangs and crackles reminiscent of a firework display. And don’t just take my word for it! Our development car was borrowed by Sounding Sweet – the recording specialists who provide the automotive soundtracks to all your favourite video games and movies. They described the QuickSilver R8 as “The best sounding car we’ve ever recorded” – and their roster is extensive! 


• Wonderful deep muscle rich sound.

• Valves for optimum sound.

• Titanium silencer casing for weight reduction.

• Improved throttle response.

• Retains original tips to keep the look.