Range Rover Sport 3.0 P440e, P460e, P510e & P550e (2023 on) - Sport Ex - QuickSilver Exhausts

Range Rover Sport 3.0 P440e, P460e, P510e & P550e (2023 on) - Sport Exhaust System With Sound Architect™ Valves





Experience the ultimate driving pleasure with our state-of-the-art sound system designed specifically for the 2024 Range Rover 3.0 P440e, P460e, P510e, and P550e models. These hybrid versions are renowned for their near-silent operation straight from the factory, which, while impressive, can feel disengaging and doesn’t always match the commanding presence of these majestic vehicles on the road.
In full electric mode, your Range Rover maintains its stealthy and serene demeanour. However, when the inline-six engine kicks in, our sound system unleashes the vehicle's true potential. We meticulously enhance the engine's natural acoustics to deliver a sporty and muscular note that is sure to turn heads and impress for all the right reasons.
Additionally, we offer our innovative Sound Architect™ valve operating system, allowing you, the driver, to control the exhaust valves at any time. This gives you two distinct sound profiles:

1.    Discreet Mode: When you prefer a more civilised and subtle auditory experience, perfect for urban environments or quiet drives.
2.    Sport Mode: With the valves open, enjoy a robust, sporty sound with rich undertones and the occasional pop and crackle, guaranteed to elevate your driving experience and thrill your 


Electronic Valves inc. Sound Architect™ Module - uses QS APP (Android and iOS)

Our Sound Architect App hands control of the valves back to the driver for the ultimate experience. When you select ‘Open’ they’ll stay open and when you select ‘Closed’ they’ll stay closed – this choice will be remembered even after the car’s been turned off and on.

The electronic module included only requires a 12v feed, usually a cigarette-lighter socket. It’s Bluetooth controlled on the driver’s smart device, and pairing takes just a minute.

The electronics are designed in-house and manufactured for us here in the UK, using local British factories.



• Sport sound at a touch of a button, suited to every environment.

• Downloadable APP to tailor your own sound.

• Works in relation to throttle position.

• 120mm QuickSilver carbon fibre tail finishers.

• Stainless Steel Type 304, aircraft grade.

• Mandrel bent for optimum flow.



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