Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sport Exhaust OPTIONS (2005-18) - QuickSilver Exhausts


Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sport Exhaust OPTIONS (2005-18)

Aston Martin


Sound Level


Our Stainless Steel options can provide the driver with a level of sound appropriate to them and the Aston Martin name.

Our Titanium system is an ultralight weight alternative for the driver who only wants the best. We have redesigned the rear box to keep weight to a minimum yet retained the infamous QS sound.

Both are available in three sound options (see video).

The system also retains the OEM tips so the vehicles original styling isn't compromised.



- Fantastic true Aston sound Sport or SuperSport.

- Cat back rear section with no emissions consequences.

- Improved throttle response and all round performance.

- Bolt-On fit - Precision engineered.

- Titanium option offers maximum weight reduction in weight compared to the OEM system.

- Decat pipes are also available for this model to increase the experience.



With the valves removed you are able to attain a proper old fashioned elitist sound which unleashes the full potential for all to hear.

Sport - Designed for the everyday and long distance driver, refined yet sporty when required. 

SuperSport -  Suited for the driver who enjoys his car mainly just for fun offering a distinctive sound.

SuperSport PLUSFor the enthusiast who wants to optimise the experience, a robust 'race car' volume.





QuickSilver Stainless Steel

QuickSilver Titanium

27.2 kgs ~ 60 lbs

16.8 kgs ~ 40 lbs

(Saving 10.4 kgs ~ 22.9 lbs)

6.4 kgs ~ 14 lbs

(Saving 20.8 kilos ~ 45.8 lbs)



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