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lamborghini urus performance exhaust system quicksilver

Lamborghini Urus Exhaust system - An Overview | Quicksilver

December 19, 2018

Quicksilver's Lamborghini Urus Exhaust System

Quicksilver have recently developed a completely unique performance exhaust system for the extraordinary Lamborghini Urus. Improving throttle response and reducing weight, the system has been crafted to compliment the Urus’ versatile strengths. At low revs, the sound is civilised and contained, but, keeping in line with its supercar roots, at high revs the volume of a true supercar is unleashed.   

Since the idea of the Urus was flirted with by Lamborghini in 2012, we have been on the edge of of our seats waiting for the production of this car. Yet hearing the awesome, deep, muscly sound that it roars when fitted with our bespoke exhaust system, has made the six year wait more than worth it. After hearing it for yourself in the video below, we are sure you will agree. We teamed up with Yiannimize and fitted our Lamborghini Urus performance exhaust system onto their breathtaking teal wrapped model. The result looked and sounded exquisite:


An overview of the Lamborghini Urus


lamborghini urus performance exhaust system

Lamborghini have entered entirely new territory with the Urus. It combines supercar origins with the size and practicality of an SUV, making it one of the world's fastest cars of its kind. However, for all its thrilling speed, it also serves as a five door family car, with impressive boot space and more than adequate off-road capabilities. This is made possible because under the skin it sits on the same Volkswagen Group MLB Evo platform as the Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne and Bentley Bentayga.


The marketing strategy behind the Urus is to increase (in fact double) Lamborghini’s annual volume of sales, by targeting a new, less niche market. For all their fame and prestigious reputation, Lamborghini sell a relatively small amount of cars each year, albeit some very expensive ones. The success of the Urus is therefore highly important for the Italian sports car manufacturer, because it is a means of funding future supercar endeavours, which remains at the heart of the brand.


Whatever the motivations were for the production of the Urus, we are delighted with the result. It has four wheel drive and under its hood, an electrifying 4.0 litre twin turbo v8 engine. Official figures say that this high riding SUV can reach 60mph in just 3 and a half seconds. On top of all this, it handles corners in way that a car that big and that powerful should not be able to.


Combined with our Lamborghini Urus performance enhancing exhaust system, we absolutely love this car. Our uniquely designed exhaust is the perfect add on to make a great car sound exceptional and perform to its full potential.     


Quicksilver Exhaust Systems

lamborghini urus exhaust system up close

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