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2018 Guide to the Jaguar F-Type - Quicksilver Exhausts

2018 Guide to the Jaguar F-Type - Quicksilver Exhausts

September 21, 2018

Our Jaguar Sports exhaust systems enhance the pleasure of driving with a sound appropriate to the driver’s expectation.With our modern Jaguar ‘Sports’ exhaust we try to emphasise the character of the existing exhaust note.

It is difficult not to find the Jaguar F-Type attractive. It oozes sophistication and class like a well tailored suit, giving its driver a certain swagger that is not easy to replicate within a similar budget. It combines beauty with fine handling and it is available in a number of different performance options.

When you have finished admiring the F-type’s beautiful lines and curves from the outside, you will quickly learn that it drives as gloriously as it looks. It is this winning combination which has made the F-type such a successful range - it has managed to satisfy the driving fanatics and the style-conscious alike.

The Jaguar F-type comes available as a roadster or a coupe. The convertible version comes complete with an automatically opening  fabric roof, which is insulated with a waterproof layer. Jaguar have priced the range, that was launched in 2013, to take away sales from the Porsche 911 and the Porsche Boxter S. In comparison to these two cars, a higher spec F-type will provide you with better value for money.  Even at the lower end of the range, you would not go far wrong purchasing one of the four-cylinder options for under £50k.

Unsurprisingly, the more money you are willing to spend, the more excitement you can have with your F-type. At the other end of the spectrum, the most powerful (and the most expensive) F-type you can buy is the SVR. If your budget can stretch to the £120,000 price tag, you can have this stylish car with a top speed of 200mph. While there are some other more powerful cars available for a similar price, the F-type engine is not far off these and when it looks as good as it does, it is surely worth considering.

The F-type is the long awaited and natural progression from the E-type range. While it is almost definitely not as iconic, it represents the huge leap forward engineering capabilities have taken over the last 30+ years.


One slight drawback to the two seater F-type design is that it is lacking in storage space. This is not only because it is small and sleek, like you would expect a sports car to be, but also because the shape of the rear storage compartment is flat, shallow and a little impractical. However, this drawback is limited to the sports versions and they are generally not brought as practical family cars anyway, so this should not be too much of an issue.  


We have already established that they are things of beauty to look at, but with a bit of fine tuning the Jaguar F-type exhaust can sound exceptional too. Quicksilver develop Jaguar exhausts, and exhausts for many other makes of car too, which put the finishing touch to a very stylish car. The perfect exhaust enhances the natural sound of the car, making every snap and crackle pleasurable to the ear, changing in note as you climb up and down gears.


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