MINI Cooper S R50, R52, R53 Manifold and Race-Cat (2002-06)




QuickSilver have developed a Manifold and ‘Race-Cat’ for the Cooper S.

The original manifold has four short primaries and a restrictive collector followed by two catalytic converters in series. These catalytic converters have cores with about 500 cells per square inch (cpsi) giving a ow area of approximately 60%. The Quicksilver Manifold and ‘Race-Cat’ has four longer tuned-length primaries followed by a single free-ow Catalytic converter. This ‘Cat’ has a microscopically thin Fecralloy metallic core of 200 cpsi to which the essential Platinum and Rhodium are applied at a much greater density (25 grams per cubic foot compared to 10 grams on a typical aftermarket product). This all results in a ow area of approximately 85% whilst  remaining clean enough to meet emissions requirements.



- The Fecralloy metallic core is very durable, far more so than ceramic cores typically used.

- Accelerated gas-ow draws heat away more efficiently.

- Incorporates a triple-wall exible section to much higher spec than the twin-wall OE item.

 - Bolt-On fit - Precision engineered.

-  The two original lambda sensors are retained.

- Dyno tests show a 12hp improvement and increased mid range torque.


QuickSilver System

6.8 kilos

(~ 15 lbs)

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