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Bentley Bentayga V8 Diesel Sound Architect™ Electronic Sound (2017 on)





The standard Bentayga Diesel exhaust note is wonderfully silent...  but it is a V8 and capable of producing much more fun.

QuickSilver's  enables Sporting drivers with the Bentley Bentayga V8 Diesel to experience the 'full fat cream'.

The 'Sound Architect'  Exhaust provides a proper V8 soundtrack with a full range of notes - deep and powerful at idle with note and volume rising with rpm.

The note, volume and 'start-up' are all easily adjustable by the driver and integrated into the car's original controls.

At the push of a button it goes from silent to 'Racecar' loud....  and back again.  It is almost infinitely variable - instantly.

The video below gives a taste, it is even better in real life.  Installable in about 90 minutes and has no emission or warranty consequences.



• Deep muscle rich V8 sound.

• Downloadable APP to tailor your own sound.

• Works in relation to throttle position.

• Retains original tips to keep the look.



On cars that do not possess a decent sound to work with such as this, QuickSilver’s Sound Architect includes a Sound Generator within the exhaust system that sync’s an existing soundtrack with the car’s controls & function. This produces a perfectly realistic V8 experience for cars like the Bentley Bentayga Diesel and Mustang 4 cylinder Ecoboost.

This type of electronic Sound Architect is straightforward to install. It comprises a small electronic module that connects to the car’s CAN-BUS network and reads parameters like throttle position, engine rpm, gear changes and road speed to calculate and generate a sound that perfectly matches the drive. This method is vastly adjustable for note and volume and can be controlled from the driver’s telephone or (in many cases) fully integrated with the car’s standard controls. The Bentley Bentayga never fails to impress, instantly changing from full silent to monster with one click of the OE Drive Select knob.


“For me personally your Quicksilver kit has made me want to not only keep my Bentayga Diesel but enjoy it to the max. Wouldn't be any fun without your kit - 

I felt I was driving a leather lined coffin, but now I'm in a sports car of massive scale & competence” - Mr N. Sandiford - Melbourne

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